Dan grading fees

màj 03/11/2015 / Accueil

In this page you will find the fees that our members have to pay in our Union if they wish to present their Dan Grade.

The dan grading fee to be made up of 2 payments:

1. Application fee – (non-refundable)

2. Certificate fee – (refunded if unsuccessful)


Dan Grade Application Fee Certificate Fee
1st Dan 70 Euros 50 Euros
2nd Dan 70 Euros 85 Euros
3rd Dan 70 Euros 120 Euros
4th Dan 70 Euros 140 Euros
5th Dan 70 Euros 210 Euros
6th Dan 70 Euros 280 Euros
7th Dan 70 Euros 350 Euros


For more information, please get in contact with our Dan Gradings Information Officer, Thomas Geiger

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    màj 03/11/2015 / Accueil